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   CamBam truly puts the fun back into the CAD & CAM portion of the CNC process! This inexpensive little program is powerful yet easy to use! Tool paths and code files are fast and easy to produce in this simple program.

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You have seen CamBam & Cut Viewer in action if you have watched our training videos or some of our free promo videos. Dancer Image

We Are A Fully Licensed CamBam distributor !

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CamBam makes establishing tool paths and generating g-code easy. The program offers tons of settings to make your job near effortless!

CamBam is a Cad & 3 Axis Cam program.

  Establish Tool Paths in minutes from vector and solid file formats. Code creation is a simple mouse click.   

Code can be edited right on the CamBam screen!

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Produce clean ready to run code in just minutes from Vector Or Solids Files!

You can add tabs right in the cam program, set default tool sizes, linear speeds and other important criteria in just seconds.  You can then use these defaults or easily change your settings.

Cam Bam shows tool travel direction, rapid moves, and even makes the paths easier to see by changing the color of any arc path as shown in these images.

The program gives you every option needed to produce perfect tool 3 axis tool paths & code.

Drawing is easily accomplished for most parts...or, you can open drawing from Rhino nd many other CAD and modeling programs. The part you see here was drawn in Rhino.   

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In the Cut Viewer program you can load your G code and watch the part being cut. Using the many choices available you can choose t show the tool or just see the finished part.

Cut Viewer can save machine crashes, tools and wasted material. You can SEE exactly what your mill is going to produce...AND... you can edit the code in the Cut Viewer screen if you need to.

If you are trying to learn how to manually write or edit g-code, Cut Viewer is an invaluable tool!

Cut Viewer is included with your CamBam purchase!

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